Meet The Team-Jennifer P.



Jennifer P. 

Anna: Why did you become a sugarista?

Jenn: Before sugaring, I had been doing facials for 14 years. I started to want a change, and sugaring provided that opportunity, while still staying in the field. 

Anna: What is your favorite animal?

Jenn: My dog, Joe. He is a German Shepard, and ironically he is a “scaredy cat”. 


Joe P.

Anna: Where is your dream vacation destination?

Jenn: Paris, France. I am in love with that city, and I have never been. Everything is girly, and pretty in Paris, and I love girly and pretty things!

Anna: What is your favorite comfort food?

Jenn: My grandma’s fried chicken, and mashed potatoes

Anna: What do you do for fun?

Jenn: Cook and entertain! I just recently put in a homemade bar and I love to have my friends over for afternoon cocktails; my cocktail of choice being a pina colada on the rocks. 


Jenn’s home bar!

Anna: What is your favorite product sold at Sugaring LA?

Jenn: Shanti Aromatherapy Body Scrub- Lemongrass and Green Tea Scent. They are made of all natural ingredients, I love the smell, and that I can exfoliate and moisturize all with one product. 

Anna: What advice would you give a first time customer?

Jen: Throw your razor away, and stick with a routine sugaring program! It gets less painful each time, and you will not regret it the investment!

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