June Monthly Feedback Winner


Carolyn C. 

Carolyn is the Sugaring LA winner for the month of June! She provided feedback at our reception desk, by answering a few short questions about her experience here, so that we can improve our services provided! 

Here is was Carolyn has to say about Sugaring LA: 

“I love Sugaring LA! I live right down the street, but even if I didn’t, I would make the drive! I heard about sugaring from a friend in Atlanta and was so excited there was a salon in LA. I did not think waxing/sugaring could be relatively painless, but the girls at Sugaring LA (esp Michelle!) are just awesome! I’ve already noticed a big difference compared to waxing- lasts longer, less redness and irritation. And last time I was in and out in 10 minutes- can’t beat that!”

We appreciate clients like Carolyn, who take the time to give us a feedback, and remain dedicated to our business throughout the year! Thanks Carol!!

Keep letting us know what you think at our reception desk, for a chance to receive one FREE service of your choice. 

~Stay Sweet~

Sugaring LA

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