Refer-a-Friend Program


How will it look, you ask? The “Refer a Friend Program” will reward all clients who are noted as recommending a new client. Each new client is asked to fill out a client card, which will now have a question that asks “Who referred you”. If you are the diligent sugaring client who brought in a friend, we will put a note on your file with the date your friend came in, and you will receive a $10 credit on your file. This format rewards all client recommendations, rather than having to refer five for one free service. If you are an extremely enthusiastic client, and/or have a large friend group, there is no limit to how many friends you can refer. Lucky for you, this means you can rollover your $10 credits. For example, if you have referred five friends, you will have a $50 credit on your account, to be used at your convenience with no expiration. You can use $10 at a time, or the $50 all at once.

We are looking forward to giving incentive to clients to spread the word about sugaring, as well as rewarding our clients who are already in the habit of sharing their love of sugaring with others! If you have any feedback, please post on our blog, as we are always looking for ways to refine our programs and business!

Thanks for your loyalty!

Stay Sweet,

~Sugaring LA~

Meet our new Sugarista, Ashley R

We are very pleased to welcome Ashley R., our newest Sugarista! She will be TRAINING on Mondays and Fridays, and during her training period we will be offering discounted services. See below for details. 

Ashley will be working Mondays and Fridays. 

Monday: 2-6pm 
Friday: 8am-12pm

Exception: This Friday she will be working from 11am-1pm,  and this space needs to be filled so she can get the practice!


Half Leg: $40- normally $80
Full Leg: $65- normally $120
Underarm: $10- normally $25
Bikini Line: $25- normally $45

Call today to book your appointment with Ashley!

**Training length is at least through the end of August.

Students Get 10% Off!



Sugaring LA July Deal-10% off for Students! 


Summer is in session, and Sugaring LA wants to reward all you students for all your hard work during the past school year! Come in to Sugaring LA with your student ID and you will receive 10% off of your purchase, with no service limit!

Book online, by text, by phone, or by email TODAY!

~Stay Sweet~

Sugaring LA

June Monthly Feedback Winner


Carolyn C. 

Carolyn is the Sugaring LA winner for the month of June! She provided feedback at our reception desk, by answering a few short questions about her experience here, so that we can improve our services provided! 

Here is was Carolyn has to say about Sugaring LA: 

“I love Sugaring LA! I live right down the street, but even if I didn’t, I would make the drive! I heard about sugaring from a friend in Atlanta and was so excited there was a salon in LA. I did not think waxing/sugaring could be relatively painless, but the girls at Sugaring LA (esp Michelle!) are just awesome! I’ve already noticed a big difference compared to waxing- lasts longer, less redness and irritation. And last time I was in and out in 10 minutes- can’t beat that!”

We appreciate clients like Carolyn, who take the time to give us a feedback, and remain dedicated to our business throughout the year! Thanks Carol!!

Keep letting us know what you think at our reception desk, for a chance to receive one FREE service of your choice. 

~Stay Sweet~

Sugaring LA

Meet the Team: Leah Verrill

Meet the Fabulous Leah: ImageAnna: Why did you become a Sugarista?

Leah: I was doing facials and waxing, and although I enjoyed those trades, I wanted to develop a specialty skill. In addition, I did not enjoy the effects of waxing on the skin, and when I was introduced to sugaring by Danielle, I was on board very quickly.

Anna: Do you remember your dreams? If so, what was your most recent memorable dream?

Leah: My most recent memorable dream was that I had a daughter, which I do not, and I was dropping her off at my Mom’s so I could go on set to work.

Anna: What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Leah: Acting, yoga, cooking, and watching baseball! Recently, the receptionist Anna and I have picked up tennis too!

Anna: What is your favorite local place to eat out?

Leah: Well I live in the Arts District in Downtown and my favorite place to eat is Zip Fusion. Reasonably priced sushi, they know my name, and have the best albacore in town! Not to mention my husband, Alan, told me he loved me for the first time there, so it has sentimental value!


Leah and Alan (In Mexico…)

Anna: What is your favorite flower?

Leah: My favorite flower is an orchid, because of their interesting aesthetic, however if I were to decorate my house with one type of flower, it would be red roses.

Anna: What is your favorite season?

Leah: Fall, but in New England Massachusetts. LA HAS NO SEASONS!

Anna: What is your favorite sugaring product and why?

Leah: Kuumba Made Calendula Coconut Oil. It has a healing and anit-inflammatory property, which is great for Brazilian aftercare. My skin tends to be on the dryer side, and this product is great for moisturizing!


Calendula Flower

Anna: What advice would you give a “newbee” sugarer?

Leah: To make sure that the hair is long enough. It seems to be a reoccurring challenge for new customers. Hair can be ¼ of an inch, or about a week and a half of growth, not two or three days!